What Should You Do if the Condom Broke?

condom broke shockWhen the unfortunate happens and your condom breaks during intercourse, don’t panic. There’s still a solution to the problem.

While condoms remain to be the most effective contraceptive method that can work dually to deter the transmission of sexual diseases, it may so happen that your experience would belong to the unlikely 2 percent of the users who experience condom breakage while using it.

If you noticed the condom you or your partner is wearing was broken and both of you are still in the middle of the act, rush out to a fresh one to replace it. Best if you can take a shower immediately so you can wash off possible traces of semen outside your body. Remain calm at all times and maybe talk to your partner about it.

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To prevent pregnancy, there are now morning-after pills that you can possibly take. While these emergency methods are deemed to be only 50 percent effective, using them still proves to be good practice than not using anything at all.

What partners should do the next time is to take extra care in using condoms. Rarely do manufacturers defect occur while using these products so the problem could have stemmed from wrong use or improper way of wearing. Remember not to use oil-based lubricants with a condom, as doing so would make the latex weaker.

And that’s just one reason why a breaks in the middle of intercourse. Another possible reason for condom breakage is wearing two at the same time. It’s not advisable to wear a condom on top of another for this will create undue friction.

And that friction would cause both condoms to break. You’re not actually protecting yourself twice if you wear two condoms – in fact, you’re exposing yourself to more risks.

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