St. Patrick’s Day Condom Pack – Wear your green this St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is rapidly approaching. We all know what that means right? You got it! It is time to dress up in all sorts of green clothing and drink copious amounts of alcohol before passing out in bed in the early hours of the morning. True Irish style. I am sure that you are not going to do anything different this year. However, why not make that day a bit ‘greener’ and really show off your pride? Let me introduce you to the St Patrick’s Day Condom patrick day condoms

These condoms, as you can probably guess, are green. I mean, what better way to get into the St Patrick’s Day spirit than turning your penis green during sex? It looks awesome! These condoms are provided in a sort-of ‘lollipop’ format (don’t try to suck on them though). By this I mean that they look just like a standard lollipop. Quite a conversation piece I must say.

These condoms are not just green though. All condoms have a really cool slogan printed onto them. The ones you get are random. However, each of them is quite funny. They include:

  • Put On the Green
  • Four Leaf Cover
  • Kiss Me I’m Irish
  • Leprecondom – Wear With Pride

The condoms are constructed from Latex and come fully lubricated. They have a reservoir tip for your safety. Every condom has been hand packed to guarantee quality of the product. These really are unlike any other novelty condom on the market.

The wonderful thing about these condoms is that unlike other novelty condoms they are actually rated for safe sex. This means that you can actually feel confident using them! Try to grab these condoms as fast as possible though. By all accounts, they seem to be disappearing quite fast.

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