Common Condom Myths

It may surprise you to know that condoms have been in use for hundreds of years now. They can be traced back as far as the 1500’s in Asia. Back in the 1800’s, condoms were made of things like linens or animal tissues.

In the 20th century, they became much more popular and effective with better materials and manufacturing techniques. With such a long history of use, of course there would be some long standing myths associated with condoms and their use. Here are some of the most common myths.

More is better

That old adage, “more is better” certainly does not apply to condoms. Some people believe that using two condoms instead of one will provide double the protection of a single condom.

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In fact, the opposite is true. Using two at the same time causes more friction and increases the risk of one or both of the condoms tearing or coming off while being used. A tear or a hole, even the smallest one, radically reduces the effectiveness of a condom against STD’s and pregnancy, sometimes down to zero.

Size Makes No Difference

Another myth is that the size of the condom you use doesn’t matter. Quite simply, men can have vastly different penis size in both length and circumference. If a condom is too small or tight, it will be very likely to break or tear during use.

In addition, if the condom is too large, it is very likely to come off during sex. Neither situation is something you want to happen. Since the fit of the condom is important to its effectiveness and comfort, it’s critical that the most optimum size is chosen.

Condoms are Difficult to Use

One of the most common myths is that condoms are quite difficult to use. Condom packages come with instructions for usage, and there are many instructional videos, tutorials and graphics online that give you an easy to follow visual idea of how to use one.

Like anything else, practice makes perfect, so the more you use them, the easier it will be. If you’ve never used a condom before, consider taking some time to practice putting a few on before using them with your partner. For most people, the rolling of the condom is what trips them up.

Generally, doctors say that you should remember to put the condom on like a hat, and then you can much more easily roll the sides down. Some types of condoms are configured so you really can’t mess up when putting them on.

Less Sensitivity

This is another very common myth, that you feel less pleasure or lose sensitivity when wearing a condom. While I’m sure that the old condoms from hundreds of years ago probably did hinder pleasure, there are new varieties these days that are super thin and have special features that can actually help increase pleasure and sensitivity for both partners.

Examples include special ribbing and special lubricants that give more sensations such as warming or cooling effects.

In fact, you can put one of these extra sensitive or ultra-pleasure types of condoms on your fingers or hand, and try to see if you can feel the same sensations. It’s doubtful you would feel too much difference. Sensitivity just isn’t much of an issue anymore.

Condoms offer 100% Protection

While condoms do offer great protection against both sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, the protection is not 100% effective. In fact, there is no 100% effective method against STD’s and pregnancy other than complete abstinence.

However, condoms do drastically reduce your risk and that is a fact. Condoms are 98% effective against pregnancy when used correctly.

Men Are Responsible for Condoms

Here is another common misconception about condoms. Many women think that men should be responsible for having a condom available. In the past, young men have been encouraged to have a condom in their wallets at all times just in case the need arises.

This seems perfectly reasonable; however, there are some problems with this. By carrying the condom in a wallet, you are exposing it to heat changes which could affect its flexibility and overall effectiveness.

A condom that’s been in a wallet may also be past its expiration date, which again, can reduce effectiveness. A woman shouldn’t be afraid to carry a condom nor should they be looked down upon because they simply want to protect themselves.

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