L. Condoms: Environmentably Sustainable Condom Brand

L. condom company is an environmentally sustainable condom brand that focuses on producing “world changing sex” through high quality made condom products and commitment to global causes. They base their commitment to their brand and consumers off of supporting causes that promote sexual safety and empowerment.

L.’s mission is to support the initiative to combat diseases in developing countries such as HIV and AIDS, by promoting safe sex through their special commitment to distribute one condom to a developing country for every purchase.

L. also openly promotes the empowerment of women’s sexuality and sexual health, and aims to help provide education and condoms to support the cause to improve the quality of life among women on a global scale.

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L. condoms

L’s condom brand focuses on producing high-grade quality condom products from sustainable properties. Their manufacturing and design process is carefully calculated to provide top quality products at an environmentally friendly cost.


L. condoms are endowed with a silky and smooth lubricated approach in order to enhance pleasure and intensify stimulation. The generous lubrication feature also makes it easy for men to put on and adjust, allowing for a comfortable and efficient fit. Extra lubrication, however, doesn’t make them the best choice for oral sex.


L. condoms boast with their extremely thin latex. However, it’s hard to find the exact thickness of their condoms. From one source it seems that they have a thickness of 0.065mm to 0.07mm, which is actually an average condom thickness.

However, subjective feedback from customer reviews indicates that they do feel thinner than regular condoms.

L. Condom Sizes

L. currently has four different condoms which width ranges from 53mm to 56mm. A variety pack is also available.

L. Classic

L classicShape: Straight
Width: 53mm / 2.09 in
Length: 190 / 7.48 in
Thickness: 0.07 mm
Tip: Best if your penis girth is between 4.6 – 5.1 inches
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L. Do {each other} Good

L_do-goodShape: Pleasure Shaped (extra headroom)
Width head: 58mm / 2.36 in
Width base: 54mm / 2.13 in
Length: 190 / 7.48 in
Thickness: 0.07 mm
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L. Ultra Thin

L_ultra thinShape: Straight
Width: 53mm
Length: 190 / 7.48 in
Thickness: 0.065 mm
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L. Large

L_largeShape: Straight
Width: 53mm /
Length: 190 / 7.48 in
Thickness: 0.07 mm
Tip: Best if your penis girth is between 5.1 – 5.5 inches
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They currently don’t offer any snugger fitting condoms which would be best suitable for men whose penis girth is less than 4.7 inches. Around 35% men need a snugger fitting condom so hopefully they will include a smaller condom in the future.

Natural, Environmental Friendly and Sustainable

L. condoms are designed to be safe and environmentally friendly to use, with a formulaic design that is produced with glycerin-free and paraben-free properties. L. condoms provide a safety guarantee, only using high-quality ingredients that are organic and devoid of any harmful additives.

L. uses natural rubber latex that is sustainably harvested and biodegradable and recycles the unused extra rubber latex involved in the manufacturing process.

L. works to engineer their designs to best reduce energy consumption and minimize the carbon footprint involved in the manufacturing, design, shipping, and packaging processes. Each condom package comes in 100% recycled paper as well, and refrains from using any plastic, cellophane, or any other environmentally harmful property in the process.

Quality Standards

L condoms’ manufacturing and design process adheres to strict quality and safety control regulations for their products. Their promise is that the typical latex rubbery smell that can be found in some other cheaper condom brands is absent from the L condom products.

Their products are all tested three times before final packaging to ensure quality assurance to consumers. Every condom is therefore designed and engineered to exceed the national and international standards.

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