What Is A Dental Dam And How To Use It

Dental damWhen it comes to practicing safe sex, there is certainly a place for creativity. After all, health and safety are of utmost importance and, for that reason, many people tend to explore various contraceptive methods that are bit out of the norm. One technique for practicing safe sex involves the use of what is known as a dental dam as a contraceptive. A dental dam is a square of rubber, latex, or other non-permeable material that is used widely in dental procedures. When someone receives a root canal at their local dentist, often times the dental dam is used to keep the tooth in question isolated and free of debris and other germs. The tooth is pushed through the rubber so that it is all by itself. However, because the dams do not come with holes in them, they can also be used as effective contraceptives.

A dental dam can be utilized in a number of ways in order to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. If you and your partner are engaging in oral sex, the dam can be used between the genitals and mouth. This “dental dam condom,” so to speak, can be equally as effective for both men and women. Whether they are used between the mouth and vagina or the mouth and penis, they are very robust contraceptives.

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The use of a dental dam is especially effective when engaging in oral-anal sex. The anus is home to many parasites which could lead to disease if transmitted orally or through the genitals. For this reason, the dental dam is an outstanding barrier as it creates a sterile buffer between the two partners. Keep in mind that, like condoms, a dental dam should never be used more than once. The purpose of a dental dam is the same as that of a condom: to prevent transmission of body fluids. Therefore, only use a dam one time.

If you are considering a dental dam contraceptive, there are plenty of variations to choose from. Like condoms, dental dams come in all different colors, sizes, and materials. Lots of couples enjoy flavored dental dams. Popular flavors include grape, vanilla, banana, and strawberry. More often than not, the dams are color-coded to match their flavor. Most dental dams are made of latex, which is the same material that many condoms are made of. Latex is very durable and stretchy and makes an excellent contraceptive. Some couples choose to lubricate their dental dam with popular personal lubricants like KY Jelly. If you are averse to latex or suffer from allergies, it is also possible to find dental dams which are made of more natural substances.

Although many people try to make homemade dental dams out of condoms or Saran Wrap, this is not advised. Condoms should never be cut or torn, and Saran Wrap has no proven ability to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. When it comes to safe sex, you should not try to cut corners-always use the safest contraceptive possible.

It may be possible to find a dental dam in your local drugstore. If not, there are plenty of online resources that offer a number of different contraceptives. Many times, the dam can be shipped directly to your door in an unmarked box for privacy.

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